Where Have We Been?

“Where ya’ bin?” you might ask.  Good question – we’ve not gone far at all, but it has been a full 2 years since we were on that cross Canada trek, but the story of the trip has never been out of the realm of our collective consciousness for one minute of this past year.  It’s life happens and responsibilities, work – well, you know.  How many people can take that much time off then do something with the material and still keep a roof over their heads? Anyway, we have a plan on how to complete the journey – possibly in some areas by proxy – and THAT is a good story unto itself – will fill you in later on that one.  But we did find ourselves back on the road last summer, on Vancouver Island, heading north to a little town called Port McNeill, home of Willie Mitchell and destination – of the Stanley Cup!  Our plan was to be there for whatever community festivities/event was planned and maybe, just maybe – a photo op with Willie and the cup? [Didn't happen] Throughout our journey  we had no expectations of meeting any of the one time Canucks team members, so likewise we approached the Port McNeill weekend with the same thought.  But that time, we know that Willie would be there, so that is different. If you are still with us, keep an eye on this space and we”ll post some photos and and other updates that are coming.

Not a mistake - this is 379 Canucks.

If you are coming back and expecting our old site, you’ll have to hang in there for a bit.  We were recently hacked and spent time in trying to clean up the mess [there is a special hell for those out there who perpetuate this waste of effort - that I know for a fact!  This one originated in Indonesia, so remember, Karma is a b--ch, and you can't escape it.  Continue and you will return to this realm as a cockroach!]  End of rant.

We’ll get back on track soon.